For the development of the project it was establish a partnership, involving the following partners: CERCIOEIRAS (Portugal), AMICA (Spain), COPAVA (Spain), HURT (Croatia), E-SENIORS (France) and CECD Mira-Sintra (Portugal).


CERCIOEIRAS – Cooperative Education and Rehabilitation of Citizens with Disabilities , CRL is a Cooperative Social Solidarity and Public Utility, is registered as a Non-Governmental Development Organization (NGDO).

Its Vision: To be an organization of excellence and a reference in constructing an inclusive society.

Its Mission: To include, educating, rehabilitating and taking care, through life, our clients and their families, with excellence and sustainability.

Its Values: Respect for the Person; Quality and Excellence; Cooperation, Social Responsibility; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Environmental Responsibility and Diversity.

The area of expertise is to provide intervention and support to people with intellectual disability, promoting social inclusion, quality of life, adapting the context in the domains of their lives.

For this we have several responses/services, as it follows:

Early Childhood Intervention – Support focused on the child and family, including preventive and rehabilitating actions, namely in education, health and social areas. CERCIOEIRAS is part of the National System for the Early Childhood Intervention (SNIPI).

Special School Of Education – support to children (7 to 18 years old) that don’t have the appropriate response in regular schools, promoting a more specialized educational response

The Occupational Activities Centre – is a social response who aims to promote quality of life, respect for the individual expectations and needs as well as promoting clients personal and social autonomies through occupational and inclusion activities. This social response is designed to intellectually handicapped people, over 16 years-old.

The Residential Unit – is an equipment to lodge handicapped people who cannot live, temporarily or definitely, with their family. It also provides temporary support during the weekends and in august (vacation period).

Inclusive Resources Center – that belongs to the national network of the inclusion Resources Center, accordingly with the principles of inclusive social education and equality of opportunities.

Bank of Equipment and Technical Aids – It’s a rental service to the elderly, disabled or with reduces mobility that gives response in the council of Oeiras. It contributes for the enhance of quality of life of this people and their families, minimizing the impact of exclusion and promoting the equality of opportunities.

Activities of curricular enrichment – collaboration with the regular schools

Project Growing being different – a social Project developed in Mozambique that identifies in the community and evaluates children with disability, providing counselling and formation to professionals and families.





Amica is a non profit organization whose mission is discover the capabilities that exist in every person and support their limitations, encouraging the greatest possible autonomy, enjoyment of their citizenship rights and participation with responsibilities in the community. In the future, Amica aims to accompany people to develop their project within the community through innovative actions. Amica is composed by families, people with disabilities and professionals and it represents a mixed management model.

Amica supports to the persons. Each person develops a personal project tailored to their interests, needs and capabilities, with the aim to promote their personal promotion and community participation. This personal project is based on a accompaniment model according to an individual and global support, approaching the resources to the environment and family collaboration. The services offered by Amica are multidisciplinary assessment, social care, childhood, rehabilitation, personal support and home support, day care, housing, leisure, training and employment.

Amica has created the  project of the Socio-environmental Campus Diversia (Valencia, Spain). It’s is designed as a center of reference in Social Inclusion, Employment and Environmental Education, seeks to become a national benchmark in the field of education, disability, chronic illness, and people in situations of vulnerability and social exclusion through the formation, in the custody of the territory, rural development and the activities in the natural environment. The Campus Diversia has the mission to promote a large project, a great meeting place creating a network to put in value the capabilities of people.



COPAVA is a non-profit organization established in 1980 in Valencia (Spain) that brings together the needs and expectations of professionals working in occupational centres where people with intellectual functional diversity or intellectual disability and their families are served. Nowadays, COPAVA has 44 associated non-profit entities which represents a human potential of 2.252 people with intellectual disabilities and 536 professionals.

Its main objective is to be a social reference that promotes and facilitates a change towards a more diverse and inclusive society that accepts and integrates the vital needs and expectations of people with intellectual functional diversity, those of their families and those of the professionals who work for them. Therefore, COPAVA tries to facilitate the improvement of the quality of life of people with intellectual functional diversity and also that professionals who work with them acquire the skills and competences necessary to provide an excellent service, and develop personally and professionally

COPAVA has participated in previous ERASMUS+ KA2 Projects, IDIPOWER (2014-2016) that contributes to a reorientation of the support services role in order to best meet the needs and goals of persons with disabilities, becoming as much independent as possible, and IDICT (2015-2017) with the general objective of increasing the competences of IDPs, their families and the professionals that work with them to exploit ICTs with a Quality of Life approach.




Croatian Association of Occupational Therapists (H.U.R.T.) is a national,  professional association which promotes interests of Occupational Therapists, ethics in occupational therapy profession and quality of occupational therapy services in the Republic of Croatia. Members of H.U.R.T. with their commitment and enthusiasm have had an important role in the legal regulation of occupational therapy profession in the Republic of Croatia. Croatian Parliament has on the Parliament session on July 10thenforced the Law on Health professions (Official Gazette 87/09) and occupational therapy for the first time have become a profession regulated by law. In accordance with that Law Croatian chamber of health professionals has been established, and H.U.R.T. was one of the founders of Croatian chamber of health professionals.

H.U.R.T. successfully cooperates with occupational therapists from Boston University – College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College, University of Toronto, Augusta University – College of Allied Health Sciences, Thomas Jefferson University – Jefferson College of Health Professions, dr USC Mrs. T.H. Chan Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy University of Southern California, Waldron College of Health & Human Services, Radford University.  HURT continuously is organizing continuing professional education for its members, other professionals, and the general public. Educational activities have been organized in person, and from 2017th through establishing huRT eduportal online. CPD events have been intended for the purpose of development of the contemporary and innovative competencies within professional community as well as for the purpose of raising quality and standards of services we provide and implementing innovative practices to enable occupational therapists, other professionals, people with disabilities and society, in general. Our international cooperation includes 2 running ERASMUS+ projects which ensure sharing of good practices among European countries, #CPwellbeing which is about feeding, eating, physical activity and how to provide inclusiveness in those daily occupations and the #idpLiving. H.U.R.T. has also organized several international events, conferences, European meetings and the last year European conference for Occupational therapy educators and academics – ENOTHE annual meeting. We have a long-standing cooperation with several professional and client organisations which ensures us a platform for sharing new knowledge and experience with people with disability, their families and other professionals and provides us with a way to change our society to be more occupational just and inclusive.


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E-Seniors is a non-profit association, founded in 2004 by Monique EPSTEIN, who holds a degree in computer science and is the current director of the association. E-Seniors aims at fighting against e-exclusion by providing access to and training in ICT to seniors and/or disabled people. Its main objectives are: bridging and shrinking the digital gap between generations, caring for elders by fighting against senior isolation, and opening new horizons for efficient use of free time. Since its creation E-Seniors has provided courses on ICT usage for seniors in various public locations and is constantly opening new locations all over the region in order to provide a “proximity” service, which takes into account the rhythm, interests, and needs of its target public. Besides teaching “basic computer skills”, E-Seniors has opened more thematically-oriented workshops for “advanced” students, dealing with, for example, digital images and sounds, interactive messaging and chat, “writing memories”, and meetings dealing with the fight against e-exclusion. Through its work for elderly people and with them, the association tries as well to enhance awareness of the importance of ICT solutions in everyday life.




C.E.C.D. Mira Sintra – Centro de Educação para o Cidadão com Deficiência, C.R.L. (Education Centre for Persons with Disability) is a Cooperative of Social Solidarity, a nonprofit organization recognized by the Government as an organization  of Public Utility.  It was founded in Sintra on 1976 by parents of children with  special needs or intellectual disabilities and professionals. Since its beginning, the knowledge and experience of all are present in the management of our Cooperative.

C.E.C.D Mira Sintra’s mission is to develop quality services for people with intellectual disabilities, multiple disabilities and other people in disadvantage, promoting their rights and improving their quality of life. The  vision aims toward becoming an Organization of reference, in an inclusive society, promoting Equality, respecting the Difference.

The main goal is inclusion of our clients in the society. At the present, it provides community based services for more than 2.000 people, since children, youth and adults who needs specialized support, due problems in their development and/or deficits in academic, work or social performance.  The Organization has several  Services, spread in Sintra community, with specific programs and multidisciplinary teams, adapted to the needs and characteristics of population supported.

The organization develop seven different services for supporting the needs persons with intellectual disabilities, multiple disabilities and other people in disadvantage have during all periods of life.  Those services are: Early Intervention; Resources Centre for Inclusion in regular schools;  Occupational Activities Center, Vocational Training, Residential Units,  Supported Employment and a Medical and Rehabilitation Clinic.


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